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Fates intertwine when university student Marina and police officer Carl find themselves both kidnapped by the notorious "Phantom" killer. Take the role of either character, solve puzzles, and search for clues to escape from the Phantom's underground chamber.

Will you survive?

Broken Silence: Recounted is an abridged retelling of Broken Silence, released in 2019. Recreated in Ren'Py, this new version features the story cut scenes, voice acting, and a restructured adaptation of the escape room.

This version was created for people who had trouble playing the original, which was graphically demanding and only released for Windows. This Ren'Py version is lightweight, multi-platform, and makes the story available to everyone in some capacity.

- 16K words that tell a thrilling story of escape! -

- Voice acting for the game's cut scenes! -

- An original soundtrack of chilling tunes! -

Some changes came with recreating the game in Ren'Py, notably the removal of escape room puzzles, free camera movement, multiple game menus, and the "Talkback" feature. But the original story is still presented in full. Play this version if you couldn't run the original or want to skip the puzzles for the story.

Download and play the original Broken Silence here on itch.io!



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I loved it! 

I initially thought Carl or Marina was the Phantom (but had to rethink based on the timeline :p) I liked that the Phantom was neither of them--it kinda subverted my expectations. I do wonder why those two were chosen, but I guess that'll be in a sequel :p 

I loved the lore sprinkled around in the Heart notes. I enjoyed reading those. I also liked the blood ferns. The red glowy effect was super cool--the blood ferns were so pretty for something so dark lol

One thing I didn't know was deliberate or not was that the way the camera swung around made me constantly nervous there would be a jumpscare (tysm for not doing that, I hate jumpscares), or that the Phantom would be there when I turned around again. Especially when I opened the gate to the elevator, then entered and exited the lab--the camera was positioned in such a way I couldn't see. So it was actually very effective in making me very nervous that someone or something would come thru the gate I had let open!


Thank you for playing and the kind words! Glad you enjoyed it.

The original game had a free camera the player controlled. The stills were our improvised way of translating that into Renpy. Interesting to hear it created jumpscare apprehension; definitely unintended! We envisioned Broken Silence to be like 999/Zero Escape: horror, but not scary.


Some nice twists and an intriguing story. It would be cool to have more encounters with the Phantom. :) 


Great video, funny too! It's cool to see you picked up on some of the subtle details, like the newspaper authors changing and the "male in his 20s to 50s" joke.

Some minor parts you missed by preemtively clicking, like the last bit of the good ending and the part before Marina wakes a second time. Not your fault, just a quirk about Ren'Py.

Thank you for playing and for the kind words!


Hey, glad you liked it. Pfftt, I need to replay to see what I missed. :)